Double your joy with our Priority Member-Get-Member Programme. We'll make sure that your friends enjoy the same banking privileges as you do. What's more, you will get upto 30,000 reward points redeemable at So refer a friend and start planning that pending weekend trip or treat yourself to a shopping spree.
  • What's in it for both, you and your loved ones?
  • You get upto 30,000 debit card reward points
  • Your friends get all the special privileges of our Priority programme


  1. I refer the person/s named in the annexure to this referral form under the Priority Banking Member-Get-Member offer.
  2. I have read, understood and accept the terms and condition applicable to the Priority Banking Member-Get-Member offer available at
  3. I understand that only existing priority banking resident indian clients of the bank can participate in this offer.
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